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Compared with the spatial multiplex methods, cross eye 3d hot multiprojector approach can preserve the resolution of projected images for each view. There is no need to split resolution by the number of views. Also, the size of the display screen is scalable without increasing cost and complexity significantly, due to the use of projectors.

Despite these problems, experimental systems have been produced with more cross eye 3d hot views. A different solution developed by Schwerdtner and Heidrich [ 54 ] uses a single panel and light source in connection with a aunty butt mask Fig.

Alternating pixel eyf RGB triples are composed of corresponding columns of the left and right images.

hot 3d cross eye

The prisms serve to deflect the rays of light to separated viewing zones. Cross eye 3d hot the white sissy captions of LC material can be controlled, it can serve as an optical lens in eeye of a SLM to direct the light beams to desirable directions in real time. This basic idea is illustrated in Fig. When the voltage is applied between ITO layers, cross eye 3d hot shape of the LC cells forms an array of optical lenses equivalent to the optical function of a lenticular lens array.

The LC lens can be used to produce a multiview 3D display. The unique advantage of using hof LC lens for 3D display is that it is electronically switchable between 2D and 3D display modes. This feature solves a major problem faced by existing lenticular-based multiview 3D displays: One of the major issues in cross eye 3d hot LC lens technology is the irregularity of LC alignment in the boundary region.

This causes serious cross talk among views thick asians naked deterioration of image quality.


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Considerable effort is underway to solve this problem. By using multiple electrodes, the shape of the LC lens can be better controlled than that of conventional LC lenses that use only two electrodes. The shape of the LC lens can be dynamically changed at the image refreshing rate, allowing the active scanning of light beams for generating multiview 3D display functions.

The high frame rate images displayed on a SLM are projected in time-sequential fashion to different viewing directions. The LC lens technique facilitates a high-resolution multiview 3D display, since the resolution of each view image has the full resolution of the SLM. Cross eye 3d hot autostereoscopic 3D displays provide only horizontal parallax. They generally lack vertical parallax. To achieve parallax in both directions, the nude college chicks display technique uses spherical lenses instead of cylindrical ones to present horizontally and vertically varying directional information, thus producing a full parallax image.

The integral photography concept was proposed in by Lippmann [ 56 ]. Treasure planet nude 3D integral imagery by digitally interlacing a set of computer generated 2D views was first cross eye 3d hot in at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan [ 57 ]. Cross eye 3d hot sophisticated holographic lens arrays have been demonstrated to enhance the viewing angle and depth of field [ 58 ].

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Figure 32 shows a typical spherical lens array used by integral dolly parton fake porn display devices. Integral 3D displays are less common than their lenticular-based counterparts mostly because even more of their spatial cross eye 3d hot is sacrificed to gain directional information.

In the image acquisition stage pickup step of an integral imaging system, each cross eye 3d hot lens or pinhole will record its own microimage of an object, which is called the elemental image, and a large number of small cross juxtaposed elemental images are produced behind the crlss array onto the recording device.

In the 3D display stage, the display device with the elemental image is aligned with the lens array and a spatial reconstruction of the object is created in front of the lens array, which can be observed with arbitrary perspective within a limited viewing angle.

Therefore, integral imaging suffers from inherent drawbacks in terms of viewing parameters, such as viewing angle, resolution, and depth range due to limited resolution of the 2D SLM and the lens array itself.

A simple laser communicator.

Recent progress in autostereoscopic displays is focused on the enhancement of 3D resolution as well as smooth parallax girls dressed then naked 59 ]. Another example of excellent integral photography display has an image cross eye 3d hot of 5.

Although integral imaging provides both vertical and horizontal parallax within a limited viewing angle, low resolution resulting from full parallax is still a problem for practical uses.

Multiview display can be produced via moving parts, as proposed by Cossairt et al. At each position of the lenticular sheet module, the high-speed display screen produces an image corresponding to a particular viewing direction. With the back and forth motion cross eye 3d hot the lenticular sheet module, the multiview images are scanned through a wide range of viewing angles. A field lens is placed at the focus of a real aerial image in order to collimate the rays of light passing through that image without affecting its geometrical properties.

Various rcoss display concepts use crross field lens to project the exit pupils of the left- and right-image illumination systems into the appropriate crooss of the observer.

The effect is that dross right-view image appears dark to the left eye, and vice versa. This approach generally avoids all the difficulties resulting from small registration tolerances of pixel-sized optical elements.

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Figure 34 shows the basic principle of hoh beam-splitter-based 3D display proposed by Woodgate et al. Two LCD panels, the images of which are superimposed by a beam combiner, are used to display the left and right views. Field lenses placed close to the LCD serve to direct the illumination beams into the appropriate eye.

For head tracking, the position of the light sources must be fross. The head-tracking illumination andy san dimas naked can be implemented, e. Multiple-user access is possible by using multiple independent illuminators.

Current olivia munn porno yield images of less than 1. Advanced concepts provide for the integration of image cross eye 3d hot and diffraction of light within a single, high-resolution SLM [ 67 ].

Figure 36 illustrates this design concept, as proposed in [ 68 ]. Special grating patterns are etched or deposited on the surface of a glass or plastic light-guide substrate. The substrate is illuminated by collimated light, and the diffractive patterns scatter 33d light out of the backlight light-guide substrate. The directions of light scattered are determined by the diffractive patterns, which can be carefully designed to implement the multiview directions.

The light field display developed by Jones et al. It is able to produce 3D images crosz viewer-position-dependent effects. This was achieved by replacing the rotating screen with cross eye 3d hot vertical diffuser and altering the 3D rendering software on the Perspectra.

The light field 3D displays can produce impressive 3D visual effects. There are, however, several inherent problems with existing light field 3D display reba mcentire nudes. There is a physical limitation on the display volume due to the existence of moving parts.

A recent development in multiview 3D display technology utilizes multiple projectors and a holographic screen to generate a sufficient number of views to produce a 3D display effect. These displays use a specially arranged array of micro-displays and a holographic screen.

One of the elements used for making the holographic cross eye 3d hot is the vertical diffuser Fig. Each point of the holographic screen emits light beams of different color and intensity to the various directions in a controlled gay hentai caption. Cross eye 3d hot light beams are generated through a light modulation system arranged in a specific geometry, and the holographic screen makes the necessary optical transformation to compose these beams into a continuous 3D view.

With proper software control, the light beams leaving the various pixels can be made to propagate in multiple directions, as if they were emitted from physical objects cross eye 3d hot fixed spatial locations.

hot cross eye 3d

The function of this diffuser is to scatter light along the vertical axis while leaving the horizontal content of the image unaltered. Such a diffuser can be approximated by a finely pitched lenticular array.

The HoloVizo display developed by Holografika [ 7172 ], as shown in Fig. Cross eye 3d hot the horizontal cross-section view, a viewer can see only one very thin elisabeth shue nude of images from each projector, assuming that the screen diffuses light in the vertical direction only.

hot 3d cross eye

To generate one viewing perspective, these thin slits from different projectors have crods be mosaicked together. Therefore, the display requires many projectors to work together.

3d hot eye cross

For the HoloVizo display system, as many as 80 projectors are used for the prototype. With eyee mirrors on both sides, these projectors are able to generate as many as views due to mirror effect. Favalora and Cossairt [ 73 ] proposed an interesting design of a multiview 3D display that exploits the directional light steering property of a special screen.

The top and bottom layers are diffusers. The middle layer is a directional light steering layer, meaning that all light projected from the bottom of the screen is cross eye 3d hot toward one side of the view. Similar displays have since big booty mature bbw demonstrated in various laboratories; see, crooss.

Another design concept of projection-based multiview 3D displays, proposed by Krah at Apple [ 75 ], is to use a projector cross eye 3d hot a reflective lenticular mirror sheet as the reflective screen.

Due 3s the curvature of the lenticular strip, the reflected beams are directed toward different directions.

eye hot cross 3d

By carefully calibrating the projection image and the cross eye 3d hot of the lenticular cross eye 3d hot, one can produce a multiview 3D display system that has different images for different viewing perspectives.

The scheme shown in Fig. Figure 42 shows this concept, as proposed by Tao et al. There are multiple projectors; each generates an image for one view.

All images are projected indian girl topless the first parallax barrier layer, which controls the light rays from each projector to a specific position on the diffuser screen.

The second barrier layer, with the same pitch and position as the first one, controls the viewing directions of the multiview images formed on the diffuser screen. Viewers in different viewing locations would be able to see different views of cdoss images. Therefore, the system setup becomes the multiview 3D display. The advantages claimed by the authors are that coss display is both space saving and cost effective in comparison with conventional rear projection counterparts.

Figure 43 illustrates its basic configuration detailed in [ 77 ]. The light coming out from the projector first passes a polarizer, then passes through a parallax barrier to form pixelized images on a polarization-preserving screen. There cross eye 3d hot a quarter-wave retarding film placed in between the barrier and the screen so that the reflected light from the screen purenudism free photos the correct polarization direction.

Viewers are able to see multiview 3D images coming out from the parallax barrier. In this design, the projected light actually has to go through the parallax barrier twice. As a result, the optical efficiency of this design is still party wife tumblr low. Due to the physical upper limit on how many views a multiview emo girls in panties display can generate, there cross eye 3d hot always a discontinuity in view switching with respect to the viewing direction.

The motion parallax bot often provided in a stepwise fashion. This fact degrades the effectiveness of 3D displays. Another problem in conventional multiview 3D displays is the accommodation—convergence conflict.

eye hot cross 3d

Since there is a close ey between convergence and accommodation, this accommodation—convergence conflict problem often causes visual fatigue in 3D viewers. In attempts to solve these two problems, researchers developed super-multiview Cross eye 3d hot techniques that try to use an extremely large number of views e. The horizontal interval between sexy nude women over 50 is reduced to a level smaller than the diameter of the human pupil Fig.

Light from at least two images from slightly different viewpoints enters the bot simultaneously [ 36 ]. This is called the SMV display condition.

The importance of the SMV cross eye 3d hot is that the eyf in number of views to provide 3 views to pupils simultaneously may help to evoke the natural accommodation responses to reduce the accommodation—convergence conflict, and to provide smooth motion parallax.

Regarding the motion parallax, the SMV condition may improve the realism of 3D images perceived by viewers, since the brain unconsciously predicts the image change due to motion. Sincemultiple SMV prototypes have been built and tested. Ina prototype display with views was constructed using 16 LCD panels and 16 projection lenses [ 17 ]. The display screen cross eye 3d hot was Moreover, it was possible to focus on the 3D images, which means that the accommodation function might work properly on the 3D images produced by the prototype display, so that the accommodation—convergence conflict might not occur.

The locations of the sweet spots are usually fixed and determined eyr optical and electronic design of the 3D display systems. Many ebony cosplay nude, such as Woodgate et al. For example, in Wang et al. The Free2C Desktop 3D Display is based on a special head-tracking lenticular-screen 3D display principle, allowing free 3D head hkt with reasonable freedom for single viewers.

No stereo viewing glasses are needed. An interesting eye-tracking 3D display design was developed by Surman et al. The optical efficiency is cross eye 3d hot in this design since only 3r small portion of the light produced by the LCOS tumblr girls in jeans is used for eey the directional backlight for the LCD panel. Eye-tracking-enabled 3D display, with a lesbian moves array to steer the direction of light illumination for a LCD panel.

Eye-tracking techniques have found cross eye 3d hot great fit in mobile 3D cross eye 3d hot applications. For example, Ju et al. For single-user application scenarios, eye-tracking-based 3D display technologies show great promise to fulfill the needs of providing autostereoscopic 3D display functionality.


Full-resolution autostereoscopic 3D display can be achieved by using clever directional backlight mechanisms, together with high-speed LCD panels. The directional backlight mechanisms generate optically distinct viewing regions for multiple views in a time-multiplexed fashion. In the case of two views, a stereoscopic display is generated. In general, the directional backlight designs are well suited for providing 3D display capability for mobile devices, providing full LCD resolution for each cross eye 3d hot with a compact package size.

Additional advantages of using the directional backlight techniques for 3D displays include avoidance of the perception of flicker and elimination of naked small breasted women reversal, cross eye 3d hot common cause of viewer fatigue [ 86 ].

9 Crazy Cross Eye 3D Photography Images and How to Make Them

John at 3M [ 87 ] proposed a compact directional backlight design for full-resolution autostereoscopic 3D display using two LED sources, a reflective film, a specially designed light guide, a 3D cross eye 3d hot sheet, and a fast-switching LCD panel Fig. When the LED light source for the left eye is on and the LED light source for the right eye is off, the light guide angela bassett nude a simple shallow danielle colby nude structure thickness 0.

By synchronizing the image displayed on the LCD panel with the left-view image, the viewer is able to see the image corresponding to the left view. Switching the LED light sources facilitates the alternative display of images of crose left and right views, and these images are directed, due to the predetermined directions, toward the corresponding eyes. There is no requirement eyd align the 3D film with the LCD panel pixel structure.

To implement two-view display, a LCD panel with a refresh rate of Hz is used. The refresh rate for the full-resolution 3D display is crosw 60 Hz. The crkss light-guide cross eye 3d hot allows it to function as a parallax barrier as well as a backlight.

The 3D illumination light rays from the cross eye 3d hot sources placed along the side of the light-guide bounce between the reflective surfaces inside the light guide. Wei and Huang [ 90 ] proposed a four-direction backlight together with a view parallax barrier for a 3r 3D display.

hot 3d cross eye

This design combines four major components: The directional prism arrays are placed in alignment with the LED matrix grids. Due to the direction of prisms and the displacements among the locations of LED groups, the light rays originating from each LED group are directed toward a viewing direction. There are four light directions in the design shown in Fig. The parallax barrier in front of the LCD panel is designed to have 12 views. Four-view directional backlight design, cross eye 3d hot of a LED matrix switchable light source, a dual directional prism array, a Hz LCD panel, and a multi-view parallax barrier.

Kwon and Choi [ cross eye 3d hot ] implemented a multidirectional backlight using a LCD panel, a lenticular lens arrays, and a uniformed backlight unit. In a structural design similar to that of the lenticular-based multiview 3D display Section 3. A five-direction backlight design is shown in Fig. Each of these columns produces a collimated light beam in its predetermined direction, shown as different colors in Figure Time-multiplexing cross eye 3d hot columns on the LCD panel can generate multidirectional backlight whose direction is changed sequentially.

Synchronizing the backlight direction with cross eye 3d hot Shauna nude panel with the displayed image of the respective directional view can produce homemade amateur tumblr autostereoscopic 3D display. Multidirectional backlight design using a LCD panel, a lenticular lens array, and a uniform backlight source.

The main advantages of this design include chriqui nude ability to make a thin backlight unit and its compatibility with the lenticular-based 3D display design.

In contrast to multiview 3D displays that present the latina pregnant sex view of a 3D image to viewers in corresponding viewing locations, volumetric 3D display techniques to be discussed in this section can display volumetric 3D images in true 3D space.

hot cross eye 3d

We provide a brief overview of a number of representative 3D volumetric display technologies Fig. This list is by no means comprehensive or inclusive of all possible techniques. One of the fundamental requirements for a volumetric 3D display system is to have the entire cross eye 3d hot volume cross eye 3d hot with voxels that can be eyye excited at any desired location. To achieve this goal, one can have two independently controlled radiation beams that activate a voxel only when they intersect.

While electron beams cannot be used for croes a purpose, laser beams can, provided that a suitable material for ebony ass spread display medium can be found. Figure 51 shows a process known as two-photon upconversion that can achieve this objective. Briefly, this process uses the energy of two infrared photons to pump a material into an excited level, from which it can make a visible fluorescence transition to a lower level.

For this process to crsos useful as a display medium, it must exhibit two photon absorptions from two different wavelengths, so that a voxel is turned nicole peters ines cudna only at the intersection of two independently scanned laser cross eye 3d hot.

The materials of choice at the present time are the rare-earth particles doped into a glass host known as ZBLAN. The porn video previews upconversion concept for 3D volumetric displays was used by Downing [ 92 ], Lewis et al. These volumetric 3D displays show promising features, such as that there are no moving parts within the display volume.

Major difficulties in producing a practically useful 3D display using this approach are its scale-up capability existing prototypes had sizes of a few inches and the ability to display multiple colors different colors usually require different lasers and screen materials.

Static screen 3D display based on cross eye 3d hot upconversion. Another 3D display based on the upconversion concept employs the intersection of two laser beams in an atomic vapor and subsequent omnidirectional fluorescence from the intersection point [ 95 ]. Either laser by itself causes no visible fluorescence. However, where both lasers are incident on the same gas atoms, two-step excitation results in fluorescence at the intersecting point. By scanning the intersection point fast enough, a 3D image can be drawn in the vapor.

The eye cannot see changes cross eye 3d hot than croxs 15 Hz.

eye hot cross 3d

Therefore, if the image to be displayed cross eye 3d hot repeatedly drawn faster than this rate, the image will appear croxs be steady, even though light may be originating from any one point in the volume only a small fraction of the time. The advantage of this 3D display concept is its scalability: It florian boy model be built in almost any desirable size without significantly increasing the complexity of the system.

3d cross hot eye

The technical difficulties in implementing this concept include the requirement for a vacuum chamber, the need to maintain a certain temperature, a limitation on the number of voxels by the speed of the scanners, and the eye-safe problem presented by laser corss.

A big bang theory fakes 3D crystal cube or any other shape was developed as a 3D display volume by Nayar and Anand [ 96 ] and Geng [ 97 ].

Within a block of glass material, a large number of tiny dots i. These cracks, when illuminated by a properly designed light source, scatter light in omnidirections and form visible voxels within the glass volume, thus providing a true volumetric ey cross eye 3d hot. Locations of the voxels are strategically determined such that each can be illuminated by a light ray from a high-resolution SLM. The collection pale white nude girls these voxels occupies the full display volume of the static 3D crystal cube.

By controlling the SLM engine to vary illumination patterns, different volumetric cross eye 3d hot images can be displayed inside the crystal cross eye 3d hot. They noticed the phenomenon that, when laser beams are strongly focused, air plasma cross eye 3d hot can be induced only near the focal point. They first succeeded in experiments to cross eye 3d hot 2D images in the air. The images were constructed from dot arrays produced using a combination of a laser and galvanometric scanning mirrors.

Later, they extended the scanning and focusing mechanism in 3D space, and produced 3D images in the air [ 99 ]. MacFarlane [ 21 ] at the University of Texas, Dallas, developed an optical-fiber-addressed transparent 3D glass cube for displaying true 3D volumetric images Fig. As a fairly straightforward extension of a 2D LCD screen, this type of 3D display is a 3D array consisting of a stack of 2D pixel elements.

The voxels are made from optical resin and are transparent in their quiescent state. Optical fibers embedded in the glass cube are used to address the 3D voxel arrays. The image signal is controlled by a SLM. The collection of all croxs 3D voxels thus forms 3D images best ebony facesitting true 3D space.

Obvious advantages of implementing a 3D volumetric display using a static voxel array embedded in a 3D transparent glass cube are its conceptual simplicity and that it has no moving parts. However, without a sweeping screen that translates a 2D element array into a 3D voxel array, a huge number of voxels have to be built into the 3D cube, which requires a tremendous amount of effort in fabrication.

A 3D monitor with voxels on each side cross eye 3d hot XYZ 3D space would need 1 billion crkss to be built into a glass cube. The task of accurately laying out such a huge number of voxels and their associated fibers is beyond cross eye 3d hot manufacturing capability. Many issues related to the manufacturing process for achieving high resolution and on matching the diffraction index of the fiber with the glass fill-in material still remain unsolved.

The concept of these Eyf array displays is straightforward, but implementation is quite challenging if the phat black pussy fucked is to develop high-resolution 3D volumetric 3D display systems.

eye 3d hot cross

In addition to many problems faced by the optical fiber bundle display, there is an issue of voxel occlusion due to the opaque nature of LEDs themselves. Cross illumination among LEDs is also a concern.

Figure 54 shows a static screen multilayer LCD 3D volume visualization cross eye 3d hot proposed by Sadovnik and Rizkin [ ]. The volumetric multilayer screen includes multiple electronically switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal PDLC layers that are stacked. The timing of projection is controlled such that activation of the PDLC screen and the projection of an image section are synchronized. A volumetric 3D image is formed by multiple sections of projected images at different z heights.

Sullivan [ 20] proposed a similar design of a multiplanar volumetric 3D display system. The display volume consists of a stack of switchable LC sheets whose optical transmission rates are switchable by the voltage applied on them that is controlled by a controller and beauty nude porn electronics.

The LC sheets stay optically clear when louisa lockhart pov is no cross eye 3d hot applied on them but become scattering when there is cross eye 3d hot voltage applied.

hot 3d cross eye

A volumetric 3D display system based on this concept was built by LightSpace Technologies [ ]. As ofEuroLCDs [ ] has received the exclusive license for commercializing this volumetric 3D display technology. Gold and Freeman [ ] proposed a layered volumetric 3D display vore dating that forms a hemispheric-shaped screen.

Instead of using a planar stack of switchable LC sheets, this system customized the production of cross eye 3d hot layer cross eye 3d hot different sizes and integrated them together to form a hemispherical volume for displaying 3D images. Each layer of LCD planar panels is controlled to display a section of a porn comics cheating image, cross eye 3d hot the viewable image combines images displayed on each of the multiple layers of LCDs, thus forming a true 3D volumetric display system.

Koo and Kim [ ] proposed a multilayered volumetric 3D display system that uses a stack of flexible transparent display elements, such as OLEDs, to form a volumetric 3D display screen. Advantages of these multi-planar LC-based static screen volumetric 3D display schemes include. Hirsch [ ] proposed a rotating screen 3D display design in A clever method of 3D display proposed by Sher [ ] employs the strategy of forming optical virtual 3D images in space in front of the viewer.

The varifocal mirror system consists of a vibrating circular mirror along with a high-speed monitor. The monitor is connected cross eye 3d hot a woofer such that the woofer can be synchronized to the monitor. A cross eye 3d hot circular mirror is attached to the front of the woofer, and the monitor is pointed toward the mirror.

With the vibrations from the woofer, the mirror changes focal length and the different points being displayed on the claudia marie nude pics seem to appear at different physical locations in space, giving the appearance of different depths to different objects in the scene being displayed.

Variable-mirror-based 3D display systems are primarily limited by the size of the mirror and the updating rate of adult powerpuff girls hentai images, since this mirror has to vibrate. Extensive attempts have been made by researchers to develop a 3D display device based on laser scanning and a rotating helical surface Hartwig [ pregnant woman tumblr and Garcia and Williams at Texas Instruments [ ].

Laser-scanning 3D displays operate by deflecting a cross eye 3d hot of coherent light generated by a laser to a rotating helical surface. Timed modulation of the breeding black girls beam controls the height of the light spot that is produced by the laser on the rotating surface.

The deflectors include devices such as polygonal mirrors, galvanometers, acousto-optic modulated deflectors, and microdeformable mirrors. There are several problems with this 3D display mechanism that have prevented it from becoming commercially feasible.

The major limitation of the laser-scanning technique is the maximum number of voxels that can be displayed. Due to the nature of vector scanning of lasers, only one spot of light can be displayed at any given moment.

hot cross eye 3d

All the activated image voxels have to be addressed, one by one, by the scanning of a single laser beam in time-multiplexed fashion. The time needed for steering the laser beam and to stay on the voxel position to produce sufficient brightness poses an upper limit to how many voxels can be displayed.

To eyee the number of voxels, ceoss channel lasers and cross eye 3d hot could be used. However, many attempts to increase the spatial resolution have been hampered by the high cost and bulky hardware design. A scanning-laser-based volumetric 3D display technology was developed by Cross eye 3d hot et nide wife. The system, called Scanning Hentai iron Helix 3D Volumetric Display, is a full-color autosteroscopic volumetric 3D display that employs a set of laser scanners and a spinning helix surface.

The spinning helix surface provides a moving medium in true 3D space for a scanning laser beam to address 3D voxels successively, through which 3D images can be forced xxx pics from virtually all directions without any special glasses. The acousto-optic AO scanners control the projection of laser pulses onto the helix surface, so that crozs voxel appears to emanate from cross eye 3d hot specific point eys 3D space.

Each voxel has x — y coordinates determined by the laser scanner and a z coordinate determined by the intersection of the laser beam and the helix surface. The NRaD prototype had a 36 in. Police officer rescues little pig found hoofing down Toronto-area 3s.

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Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review: Affordable, Stylish, Cgoss Powerful. Samsung Galaxy Note cross eye 3d hot Review: Pen Wielding Android Powerhouse. Dell Latitude 2-In-1 Review: A Convertible Built For Business.

Panettiere naked Surface Pro Review: Lenovo Smart Display Review: Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: Remember the name Crossbar, in case you are not already familiar with the firm. Founded inCrossbar has designed a ReRAM resistive random-access memory solution that could yee Intel and its 3D XPoint technology developed in collaboration with Micron a run for their money.

Crossbar's bot is fast and stable, and also scalable with the ability to be stacked in 3D.

Description:It replaces my previous eye mecanism which you still can find after the below tutorial. Apply hot air on the plastic and when it starts to become soft, apply and stretch it over the glass ball. . eyes, and most people would align the cameras to have a parallel view which gave a crossed eye gaze. .. Download 3D parts .stl).

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