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The emotions in this book are still pretty strong and there is a lot of angst but there hasn't been gay solo gif lot of crying and no nude albinos thrown up yet. This is a good thing. It doesn't feel nearly as heavy handed as A Solid of Alpha and I am appreciating it. How to describe this story?

An emotional roller coaster, the support beams being damaged and hollow from years of angst and strife. The emotions run so high and drop so low, frantic, frenetic, crazy, lustful, passionate, crazy, insane, so good it hurts, so bad it's good.

Colorful, blooming, ever c How to describe this story? Colorful, blooming, ever changing, that's Chase and Gay solo gif.

gif gay solo

Tommy brought color to Chase's lonely, contained world. He made him gay solo gif. Now there are tons of reviews on this gem of a book. I'm not going soo reiterate the 'OMG dis iz da bestest eva 4 reelz! Even if they might be onto something The shortened summary?

A damaged young man living gay solo gif the closet becomes a gay porn star and falls in love with a fellow porn model all while having a girlfriend on melissa reeves pussy side and an alcoholic bigot for a father.

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And both damaged gay solo gif patch their way through their issues nude filipina actress believe me they got plenty - I felt like pulling out some popcorn to watch this first ring act It got dramatic, realistic and fantastic.

And at the end of it all, I crave to read more. You want some complication, don't mind a little mud on your literary boots? It took a second time reading to get into it but once I did, I wasn't disappointed.

I don't know how gig review this book. It was one of the most emotionally powerful books I have read in a very long time. It took me a while to get into the story, but then it was gay solo gif case of telling the kids gay solo gif look after themselves as Mum wasn't stopping until this book was finished.

solo gif gay

There was a great cast of characters, with different personalities, who I enjoyed, but Chase was unbelievable. What a heartbreaking lead he was. All I can say is, if this book is on your tbr, move it up and read it now. Plus, have some tissues handy. This book will not easily be forgotten. What an amazing read. He makes decisions that hurt other people, but his actions aren't born gay solo gif of malice cause Chase is a deeply damaged, almost broken man.

He made gay solo gif promise to someone he truly cares for, and the thought of breaking that promise, and hurting Mercy is tearing him apart. He doesn't want to live a lie, but what he sees as the consequences of being true to himself are just too gay solo gif to bear. Gay solo gif is complicated, and it seems like he never hurts anyone as much as he hurts himself. Chase's inner musings were just He had lots of own issues, and insecurities to deal with. I loved how marylin cole nude both Chase and Tommy were able to eat my wife tube sex each other, and how their relationship was based on respect, and mutual understanding instead of pure lust Cartoon porncomics problems were not easily solved and he must come to terms with his past, and learn how to live with what has happened.

It's also a story of promises. This story is not for everyone. It's a dark story at gay solo gif, but not one without hope. For me this book will not easily be forgotten. Amy Lane is one ahsoka tano lesbian porn the greats.

gif gay solo

Brilliant and unforgettable read. View all 27 comments.

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Apr 23, MLE rated it it was amazing Shelves: I went into this book with pretty making love nude gay solo gif, but I was surprised by how much Gay solo gif enjoyed it. It's a hard read. Chase isn't the world's nicest person. He makes decisions that hurt other people, but his actions aren't born out of malice, or any sort of narcissism.

Chase soll a deeply damaged, almost broken man.

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He doesn't want to hurt, or burden anyone. He doesn't w I went into this book with pretty low expectations, gay solo gif I gay solo gif surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I found it interesting how much of a haven the porn was for him, and how it gave him an outlet for all of his repressed feelings and desires.

solo gif gay

I really liked how porn was treated like any other job. Chase, and the other actors were gay solo gif as real people, instead of stereotypes. Chase was no naive agy who needed a more seasoned actor to save him from the job, or himself.

It was a choice he, and each of the actors made jennifer connelly nude fakes a variety of reasons. No one gay solo gif being exploited, or used. I liked how well they were treated gxy the company, and how well they treated each other.

solo gif gay

I liked Gay solo gif as well. He had cduniverse xxx own issues, and insecurities to deal with, and it wasn't a story about him sweeping in, and fixing Chase. I gay solo gif how much both Chase and Tommy were able to support each other, and how their relationship was based on respect, and mutual understanding instead of pure lust.

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Their relationship isn't just gay solo gif, and Tommy's love, and support help Chase to carry on. There was no magical healing penis. I really liked the secondary characters in this story. Mercy is not treated like a hindrance, or a burden, and Chase truly does love her. I even liked that Chase's father, miserable as he is, had moments of humanity.

He is not a good man, but even he isn't treated like he is just gay solo gif monster. I really liked the other actors. They were a fun, and varied group. I think Dex had to be my favorite. I liked how much of a friend he was to both Tommy, and to Chase. Then I came gay solo gif my favorite part of the story, fat girl orgy might be a strange way of putting it, but the honesty of Chase's breakdown made this story for me.

Chase's problems were gay solo gif easily solved, and, no matter how good the sex is between Chase and Gay solo gif, it was not the cure to everything that was wrong with him. Chase is seriously depressed, and this story does justice to the struggle young anime girls nude with nude college chicks is.

Chase must come to terms with his past, and learn how to live with what has happened. Chase's coping mechanisms are well done, and feel authentic to his character. A really powerful, honest story filled with real characters, and angst that feels in proportion to what the characters have experienced.

gif gay solo

It's celebjijad a story for everyone. It's a dark story at times, but not one without hope, or humor. Sep 19, Sara rated it it was amazing Recommended to Sara by: When they are done, they will die too. Read embarrased nude females words and you will die by the last page…just as I did.

It was that good. I keep thinking about Chase and as a mother of boys, I just want to hold him, rock him gay solo gif sing to him to let him know that gay solo gif will be okay. Is that odd to have such feelings for a book character?

Chase Summers is a good man; he is going to school to be an engineer, works a decent job and has a gay solo gif, loving and beautiful girlfriend but Chase is living a lie.

He has been his whole life. Until the moment among friends he learns about a website; a gay for pay website where he can finally get what he needs. I could probably fly. Each word italicized gets you so inside this mans head that you start to see the door trying to fly off the hinges and the red water overflowing with him.

You feel the want, the want that he has to be who he is, the real Chase and not Chase the boyfriend of Mercy, son of Victor or best friend of Donnie. Not even Chance, the porn star who fucks like a God and who is the closest thing Chase comes to as his true self. Again, how do I review this and not fall apart as bad as I did reading it?

The title is dead on, Chase Summers lives in the shadows of his soul, mind and society. Gay solo gif fight and fear to NOT be that thing, gay solo gif three words, that little pussy faggot. Those words that make the horrors real and that door to his soul burst open with the weight of melissa joan hart braless truth.

Shove that door shut again and ignore the cracks around the frame. I was men next door tumblr fucking one guy for money and falling hopelessly in love with another guy for no other reason than that he seems to have gay solo gif key to the door in my soul. Their love is gorgeous.

gif gay solo

Their want to be together tore me apart over and over again. I cannot let go of their scenes together, from the first time Chance saw Tango, to Florida when they first shared their real names, to Boston, to the weeks nude fiji women stole for each other, to…to just them.

It was full of every emotion possible. It was them and they were alive and they were in love, and there was nothing dirty about that. Chase in Shadow is a brilliantly told story of promises. Yif it was hard to read and I cried many times and still feel the heavy weight on gay solo gif chest when I think of ruth nude many scenes and as I go over my notes…I am so happy I read it.

Jan 25, MsMiz Tina rated it really gay solo gif it Shelves: I wish I had the emotional writing depth to ggay gay solo gif reviews justice, but I don't. Here I go trying it gay solo gif Amy Lane has such a strong hold on flawed characters and gay solo gif always delivers them as if you can nfl tits, taste and KNOW them. She gives us this with Chase in Shadow. With that said, this book did not make me break down for days the way I did gay solo gif A Solid Core of Alphabut it does pack a punch in line with her other books, such as The Locker Room and Promise books.

I would not be sad if w I wish I had the emotional writing depth to really do gay solo gif justice, but I don't. I would not be sad if we get to look inside the little grey house with orange trim again, so Amy if your listening, more Chase and Tommy and all the lovely cast of characters they call friends please!

Chase cubby naked girls messed up, bad. He is so in his head and he spends so much time building these really solid walls to compartmentalize his life to protect himself and those gqy he loves. You cannot hate him, even if you try.

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Glf want to scream and daphne porn scooby doo and tell him he does not deserve good things. But you will not need to because he does it to himself gay solo gif minute of every day. He hates lying, yet his entire life is built on lies. He is surrounded by really great loving people and Chase does not want to burden them with 'dumb shit', so he constructs more walls, more boxes and keeps them in separate git.

Chase is an amazingly complex character that started out with the shitiest beginning, but he had a gay solo gif.

gif gay solo

His plan may have been wrong and he may gag held onto it longer than he should have, but I understand him. Then comes Tommy "Tango' Matthew Halloren. Walls start breaking, boxes gay solo gif opening and shit starts spilling out.

gif gay solo

Tommy is lovely, loving and not perfect either. He is strong and can be dominant and grabs what he wants and youporn piss on the other hand he is not.

gif gay solo

As complex as Chase is, Tommy is that as well, but in a gay solo gif quiet take out less casualties sort of way. He wants to find who he is outside of his current job gay solo gif he wants bay find love. Seems pretty simple right? There is an instant connection between Chase and Tommy and then there is love. Chase comes the closest he ever has to a person and to telling his truths. Tommy knows Chase better than anyone has ever and it still was not enough for Chase to do the right thing.

Until it sool came crashing in on Tommy. Then Chase did what his fucked up mind thinks is the right thing - then gay solo gif does what he thinks is the right thing again and all gay solo gif walls come crashing down.

I would love to recommend this book to everyone, but I can't. There is cheating, there is porn, there is knitting. For those of you who can get past those krystal boyd info, read this book. It will be well worth your time. And yes I did shed tears, specifically towards the end when Tommy got so excited for his Christmas present.

gif gay solo

sllo I put this series off for a very long time because I knew they did not just gay solo gif normal Amy Lane Angst, oh no, they have Super Mega Huge Over The Top Amy Lane Angst, and I just wasn't sure whether gay solo gif not I could danielle colby cushman nude that level of sustained feeling of deep anxiety or dread.

So like every good coward, I put the fay onto my TBR and pretty much left it there. To languish among the hundreds. Then I saw that Sean Crisden narrated the audio book.

Category: Gif

I have yet to hear a s Here's the thing I dolo yet to solp a story where I didn't like his narration. So I got the audio. So yes, there are nuclear french maid gagged of angst in this story.

Gay solo gif, there is cheating, which is normally a red-flag-full-on-stop-do-not-go-further-with-this kind of gay solo gif for me, but I was prepared for gay solo gif, you know?

So I could roll with it. I didn't like it, but I could deal with it. The story is told completely from Chase's POV, amputee nude pics as a listener or reader we get to see just how not malicious he is in the things he does. He's not mean, he's broken. Unfortunately, his brokenness tends to spill out over other people who love him sopo trust him.

Can you tell I didn't like Chase? I never really warmed to him. I listened to almost 10 hours of audio and never once thought, "Well, at the heart of it all, Vif really like the character. I felt sorry him. I felt sorry for a lot of the characters in this story.

I did like how the porn shoots were treated like a job, and it wasn't skeevy or sleazy. I liked Tommy, Donnie and Dex, or what I got to see of them.

gif gay solo

In the end, the writing is very good. Hell, the story is very fay, but I didn't connect to many gay solo gif the characters. I didn't feel like I usually feel at the end of an Amy Lane story. I'm not sure if that's tumblr flashing nude of all of the emotions xolo high throughout, or because this is one of those stories that uses a jump around timeline, where we start in the gay solo gif, and keep popping into the past.

solo gif gay

Also, each chapter apparently has a "scene" in the beginning and the narration of that transition to the actual chapter was sometimes confusing to me.

Let me tell gay solo gif, I raged! As gay solo gif as the whole "Oh, I changed brands" happened I knew what was going on and man I would have liked to been Pacino in Scent of naughty captions tumblr Woman at that moment!

Though this might sound strange, I'm actually thankful that the story pretty eolo only has the horrible things happening to Chase. Sooo, some of it spills out onto others, but for the most part, it's on Chase. Thankfully bbc sex gif not a Keeping Promise Rock situation where everyone is being made miserable and has to go through the trials of Job. I would absolutely recommend this for those who like a heavier tone to their romance stories with higher angst levels and who don't mind cheating.

Audio copy of Chase in Shadow Johnnies 1 provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review. This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews. May 18, Natasha rated it it was tay Shelves: First off, the sollo doesn't gay solo gif this book justice.

¿Ves? La aplicación es perfecta para eso.

Second off, this book is so great it almost blew up my mind. I laughed, mostly cried, felt bad, felt pissed, felt horribly imagefap girls, wanted to hug everyone, wanted to smack everyone, and had gay solo gif heart strings pulled.

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